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ice house franchise for sale


Iceman Icehouse

No Franchise Fees

Some great reasons why you should not pay fees to own your ice vending unit:

Questionable Profitability.   Most franchise owners do not provide adequate information in regard to profit and expense to potential franchise buyers.  This does not allow the buyer to really determine what his success will be with the business.

High Start-Up Costs.  You may be asked to pay a one-time, start-up franchise fee which will be non-refundable.  This fee, along with other fees to get your franchise up and rolling, can be very costly.  It may take years of owning that franchise before recouping these costs.

Encroachment.  Imagine starting up your new franchise and having a like business startup right across the street.  There goes half of your customer base.  This sort of thing happens all the time as franchisors can operate anywhere they would like.

Lack of Legal Recourse.  As a franchisee you have very little legal recourse should you be subjected to wrongdoing by the franchisor.  Most franchisors require that the franchisee sign an agreement waiving their rights under federal and state law.

Limited Independence.  Most franchisors impose price, appearance and design, limiting what you can do with your own business.

Royalty Payments.  Most franchisees must make royalty payments to the franchisor once a month, eroding their profits.

Inflated Pricing On Supplies.  In many cases the franchisor can designate who the franchisee will use for goods and services.  These suppliers may not be cost effective for the franchisee.

Restrictions on Post Term Competition.  Most franchisors will have you sign a non-compete clause in the original agreement. 



If you are serious about getting in to the ice business, the Iceman Icehouse is the best way to go. Visit www.IcemanIcehouse.com or call 843-252-3559 today.  Let us tell you how the Iceman Icehouse is the smart purchase for you.

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Billy Gavigan is the COO and Global distributions Officer of IceMan IceHouse & Best Price Ice. Mr Gavigan leads the real estate and owner/ operator educational programs for IceMan. The team at ICIH ensures you get the best location and understand the IVM industry. make twice the profit with IceMan

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